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Naval Fathom

Provides accurate, impartial, global coverage and analysis of naval industry procurement issues.


Utilising a wide number of sources, Naval Fathom is the go to point for naval industry news, saving you valuable time in a world that is increasingly swamped in distracting non-relevant information.



Just MilComms

Just MilComms provides global news, features and analysis of the military communications Market and industry. Edited by Adam Baddeley, the world's leading military communications journalist, this newsletter will be invaluable to you what ever part of the frequency spectrum you operate in.


Just MilComms is a monthly newsletter that is purely about military communication systems; it includes everything from satellites to squad level communication systems and from fixed information infrastructure systems though to sub-sea data links. If its a communications systems with a military application you will find it in Just MilComms.


Just MilComms' first copy will go out in March 2013 so if you have an interest in military communication markets, opportunities and analysis please sign up for a trial copy here.